Get ready to tear down obstacles of the mind and body. Fitset has created a 50,000 square ft obstacle course in the empty Sears space to test your skills and endurance. We have routes for all levels from beginner to OCR Athlete Racer. We haven’t forgot the little ones either. We have a kids obstacle course for ages 5+ as well. Great fun for kids and adults alike!


Kingsway Mall
109 St. & Kingsway Ave.
2nd Floor (in old Sears Location)
Edmonton, AB T5G 3A6


2pm – 9pm Mon - Fri
10am - 6pm Sat
10am - 5pm Sun

Nov 3 - Mar 31st, 2019

Don’t let obstacles get in your way.

Or do.

Full Obstacle Course

  • 14ft and 10 ft Warp Walls

  • Salmon Ladder

  • Olympus Walls

  • Standing Walls

  • Ninja Warrior Rig + 20 more Obstacles

  • Routes for all fitness levels (beginner, intermediate, advanced)

And so much more:

  • Kids Course

  • Fitness Pop-ups

  • Private Groups & Parties

  • Teams & School Groups

  • Change Rooms On Site

  • Guaranteed Fun Time!

Check out our Drift Trike Course or the Axe Monkeys Axe Throwing & Rage Room!

Drift Trikes let you drift around around full size race-course letting you swing your back end around like a real drift king.

Axe Throwing rooms sponsored by Axe Monkeys let you wield a variety of axes and let your inner Canadian out.

Rage Rooms let you amp up the excitement. Sick of your day-job and want to let out some frustration? How about you demolish a computer monitor or printer? Sounds like fun right? We do too!

All rooms are professionally monitored for safety and are open the same hours as Fitset Ninja Warrior.

Not into the Obstacle Course?